Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Home, New Craft Room

When we first moved, I decided I wanted my craft room to change. It use to look like this... (I love red) Can you tell?

I still love red, but I decided on a softer color palette for the new craft room. Our new house has 3 bedrooms, so we decided to convert one room into a work station/craft room to store my camera, sewing machine, paint, and other craft items. It is simple, but I have yet to play. Just wait until I start making things...Come on in!

First, I can't live without my card catalog. Here it is again. She's held up nicely and thankfully survived the move to Newnan.

Next, we have the work station I built. It use to be a breakfast bar, but our new kitchen is far too small for it now. It currently serves as a gift wrapping station and storage.

Next, we have my wall of fame. I started running about 2 years ago. I proudly display my 3 medals. I also framed my map of Paris.
Last, but not least, I want to share my latest addition, La Pièce de Résistance!

I hope you enjoyed this mini craft room tour. I have a long way to go, but the great thing is, I am in no hurry to "complete" it.  A craft room is constantly changing, just like the people who create it.

P.S. Thanks Mike and Grandma Meier for joining me on a "Vintage" shopping spree at the lake. Great memories and Happy Birthday again.

Happy Hunting,
~Jenny Meier~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Grocery List and Menu Planner for Publix

WE moved! We are currently living in Newnan, GA, so no more commissary shopping for us! We decided to rely on our neighborhood Publix for groceries. I made this trusty map for you to make your shopping experience at Publix easy! I will be making one for Kroger too. Here are some simple directions on how to use this tool in your meal planning/ shopping experience. Print it here. When it is time to print, you can always save ink and print in black and white. Be sure to click "Fit to Page" and "Landscape" for the orientation.

STEP 1. Plan your meals. Use the bottom portion of the document to plan your meals, this way you will know what you need based off of what you will eat for the week. I plan dinners mostly since these are always different for every night, unless we are having leftovers! YUM! If you prefer to plan lunches or breakfast meals, feel free.

STEP 2: Find the items in the virtual grocery isles. Each isle contains the items you will need. Circle the items listed in each isle or write what you need. Notice I wrote in "steak" next to the "Beef" section. Remember the "Dairy, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, and Beef" section is actually on the back wall. You can also pick up items that are not in your meal plan, such as magazines, soap, and paper products.

STEP 3: Gather your coupons and shop! You can skip all the isles you don't need and race through the grocery in no time.

I hope this tool will help you shop. Most of the Publix supermarkets are similar, so you might be able to use this list/planner at other Publix brand markets. Let me know!


~Jenny Meier~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Organize your Medicine (especially when you have a stomach ache!)

Hello friends!
This morning I had some time before  work to put together a little medicine organizer using Sugar Snap organizing files. I absolutely love these because you can use them in so many ways. They are useful for organizing just about everything, including my medicine. When I have a stomach ache, now it is so much easier find the Tums! To see how easy it is to organize your medicine read more...

Here is the basket I use to store the Sugar Snap Files. I bought this basket  online from Lowe's.

Here is a close-up of the files after I labeled them using my label maker. 

I stored the medicines appropriately, for example TUMS is filed under "Stomach Aches"
Now after a big meal, you can find your TUMS fast, simply read the labels and you're done!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help.

Happy Planning!

~Jenny Meier~

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baby Shower Brunch

Hello Friends,

I have missed you all so much! With the holidays behind me, I am ready to show you my latest event. Here is a very girly baby shower. So girly, in fact, this event ran my hubby out the door! Just kidding, he actually had a function himself, whew! Here are the details...

This baby shower brunch featured a pinwheel theme, an idea I snagged from pinterest probably. All homemade and easy to do, I simply took paper, a glue gun and buttons to assemble these. My husband helped by drinking the cream soda and voila, instant centerpiece.

I made all the signage using photo paper and my laser jet printer.

Our menu offered a variety of treats including some ingredients provided by fellow guests. This brunch included turkey cranberry cream cheese sandwiches on a ciabatta roll, warm spinach and bacon salad, sausage links and who can forget the waffle bar! The waffle bar was my favorite part because every guest can make their own just the way they like it!

More pictures can be found on my facebook page. Like us on facebook! Thank you for coming to today's baby shower brunch! I enjoyed having you.

Happy Planning,

~Jenny Meier~

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nerdy Baby Shower

It is baby time around here! I'd like to share another sweet event we put together as a community group to welcome Baby Elle. This time we decided on a Nerdy Theme. See if you can find all the "Smart" details in this event...

One of our community group members  thought of this fabulous idea to write the DNA sequence for a little girl! How Nerdy is that?! 
We styled the mantle with a "school" look.

Here is the dessert table. Can you spot the "Lemon Pi"?  Did you notice the cake stands?

How about these Tetris cookies? They are really sugar cookies with icing. What a great idea!

 We really couldn't forget the bookworms or our favorite class candy, "Nerds!"

Do you like these darling hanging books? They are made with real dictionary pages, courtesy of a fellow Nerd!

Prizes were packaged inside lunch bags. Red gingham tags were girly gifts, blue tags were more boyish. Take your pick!

 Here is a genius idea of creating a garland and then adding "Nerdy symbols." Have guests guess what each symbol means. This decoration doubled as a game!

So, I hope you enjoyed this very intelligently designed event. Have any more showers you've done lately? Send me a link and I will feature your event here on Jenny Meier Events.

Happy Planning!

~Jenny Meier~

Circus Theme Baby Shower

Hello Friends!

It has been so long since we have talked! I am so glad to be back today to share a little bit of my life. This past week, a co-worker and I put on a very colorful event to welcome the coming of Baby Nora. We decided on a circus theme for this little one. I hope you enjoy all the details...Take a look!

So many people chipped in to make this event special. A co-worker packed chocolate and plain pretzels. A friend donated a Ty baby monkey. Another co-worker made the cupcakes! We had so much help that it came together seamlessly. I made the tent backdrop (from wrapping paper), boxes and signs.

Did you notice the boxes? These are from a previous event.

Two friends of the mom-to-be provided Animal Cracker Cookies. These are available at Wal-mart in the cookie and cracker isle. They make great take-home favors.

To go along with our circus theme, we decided on hot dogs as our main entree. We provided a choice of chicken or beef.

I wrapped water bottles in scrapbook paper. Plates and napkins were stored in a little red purse. (Always using what I have!)

The lady of the house made sure to add a salad and fruit tray for our veggie-only eaters.
So considerate!

I think this event was so sweet especially because we were able to honor our fellow co-worker. We wish you all the best with your first baby. Congratulations!


~Jenny Meier~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Indoor Yard Sale Party

"Indoor Yard Sale, "  sounds like an oxymoron, but in Columbus, GA you almost have to have an indoor yard sale with all of the rain lately. I'm ready to work on my Furlough Friday!  So if any of my friends and co-workers would like to stop by my humble abode, you are more than welcome to browse my curiosities. The best part is, you'll be high and dry in a cozy little sun room. Refreshments will be served!

What I have to offer you on your July 26th Furlough Friday:
Jewelry and Accessories

Ladies clothing
Pants: Size 6
Blouses: Size M
Shoes: Size 7-7 1/2

Men's Clothing
Shirts: Size M

Chocolate Queen Size Bed Skirt $4.00
Pillow Shams $3.00
Coastal bedding ensemble Queen Size bed (Comforter and 4 Shams)

Home Accessories
Hand painted Frames:$1.00
Chandelier $15.00
Candle sticks 4 for $1.00
Museum quality frames and artwork $6.00

Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling
5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Cracking the New GRE 2012
Other titles....

Christmas Lights LED and icicle

Sporting equipment
8 pound weight

First 5 customers get a Free Magazine!!
All prices are negotiable.

Remember to come by this Friday only , July 26th anytime after 8:00 am Rain or Shine....
Happy Shopping!

~Jenny Meier~

p.s. (Friends) If you want to join me in the fun, bring your items for sale, there's lots of room under our covered parking to sell your items too.

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